The Connection Between your Espresso Machine and Coffee Beans

You must be a coffee-lover or you would not be here reading this, but are you a part of that segment of the population always first to grab hold of even the most simple bit of espresso innovation if suggests a better cup of espresso (or one-upping your friends)? Even though you own an excellent espresso machine, you’re continually looking out for the most recent piece of coffee-making development. The possibility that your current equipment was more expensive than someone else’s car cannot really obscure the fact that you might be disregarding a major lesson of life and that’s the greatest coffee machine is only as effective as its weakest link, in this instance the coffee beans.

No Beans are the same for everybody

You no doubt know what you enjoy: a dark roast for breakfast time and, for particular situations, Jamaican Blue Mountain to impress your pals following a meal. Technological innovation, especially in regards to espresso machines, has been tweaked to the stage that we believe the particular espresso machine is the make-or-break link in the coffee making sequence. Of course, a great coffee machine has the potential to produce an awesome cup of coffee. An inescapable truth, however, has crept into the consciousness of the modern espresso connoisseur is the understanding that the weak link within the espresso-making chain is, in reality, the humble coffee bean.

No measure of digitally managed temperature gauges or gold-plated group heads can compensate for inferior or poorly roasted beans. A lot of money and all the research in the world will do absolutely nothing to improve the espresso from the greatest espresso machine money can buy you if the coffee beans fail to deliver on their promise.

Engineering is, at its heart, a guarantee of reliability. Under similar circumstances, with the same ingredients, the best espresso machine will produce a superior product time and again via the application and manipulation of carefully controlled inputs. To put it simply, your espresso machine ought to, under constant conditions, create a very good cup of coffee each and every time.

The purist among you could argue that the water is the most important element in a good cup of coffee. It is true that water quality is crucial for the completed product yet it’s not the most important ingredient. That role goes to the coffee bean! Secured within this roasted cherry are flavor complexities that, at their optimum, can be compared to a fine wine.

At their worst, however, poor quality or improperly roasted coffee beans are nothing more than pale copies of their former selves. Old beans impart a bitterness to coffee that might be better dished up as a late-night offering at a roadside gas station. By using beans like that, even the best coffee maker will fail to make a drinkable cup of espresso.

So now, while you’re reading the testimonials regarding the high-tech features of that completely new coffee maker that’s being recommended as “the best home espresso maker available today”, take a few minutes to consider the humble coffee bean. If you really want to savor excellent espresso, you have to begin with top quality beans.

The best espresso maker is one that will produce a great cup of coffee every time and is easy to maintain. You’ll find more information on home espresso coffee makers at our Espresso Coffee Time website.


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