Rancilio HSD-Silvia Silvia Espresso Machine Review

The first important thing to note with this espresso machine is its .3 liter boiler. It’s enough to create several shots of espresso, fast. It has a strong linear designed housing out of an iron frame and with a stainless steel side panels. It comes with Rancilio’s commercial grade group head for excellent heat stability and premium extraction quality. It’s with a patented and ergonomic 58mm porta filter for superb extraction. With articulating frothing wand, there are very little things that cannot be done by this machine when it comes to espresso making. It also has a two quart water reservoir which can be removed or filled from the top any time and even during the operation. It has a 7-gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper and two filter baskets for both single and double espresso.


This is among the best valued machine from Rancilio. If you’ve been using Gaggia for some time now then you know that it creates among the best espresso around. So you may be wondering, is this Rancilio any better? Well, if you been around entry level machines, the rancilio hsd Silvia is a perfect upgrade. It can extract all the flavors from your grounds with the right crema on top. It operates quietly which is very soothing while you’re waiting for that luscious brew.

This machine comes with a boiler, made from plated brass, with .3 liters to use at will. This allows the machine to come up with enough steaming power and it has a short recovery time between shots. That’s a huge plus when you wanted to invite some friends over. Then there’s the articulating steam wand. This feature may not appear very much at first, until you try to make use of a bigger mug. Its wand can point anywhere with an almost 360-degree range. This is great for bigger-than-usual serving of your lattes.

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Then there’s the aftermath. While this machine does not come with enough features to win everyone over, it has tough design with its stainless steel body. The beauty with stainless is when you’re done preparing your espresso. Cleaning is very easy with this material as you can simply wipe the surface without worrying much about scratches and stains. You can wipe it clean with a simple glide. It has very minimal plastic parts on the surface so you can expect it to be tough. It comes with tactile switches which are coupled with light indicators, a huge plus for those who need some reminders. And before you fret over it for not having a modern LED display, you’ll be glad that it also implies that you have one lesser thing to worry about. Less sophistication do work wonders at times. Think about longer service life.

This machine weighs around 33 pounds, which is quite heavy. And it may seem a huge disadvantage for some folks. But hey, with that weight it makes it almost impossible to push it over accidentally. And that’s plus when you think about repairing an over 600 machine.


The price does play a huge part in making a perfect machine for the job. Of course, there are better machine than this Rancilio. And the fact that this does not come with a built-in grinder, some people may not consider it a good choice. With around 650 that you need to shell out for this machine, one could already have an alternative that could offer better features like a grinder. But the thing is, this machine comes with its own charm like having good design and good espresso that it makes. If you’re alright with that compromise then this machine will be a good choice for your money’s worth.

rancilio silvia review



This machine has stainless steel construction with brass boiler. These things are indicators of a well-made machine that could stand the usual use and abuse cycle. All the parts can be compared with what you can find from commercial espresso machines. Good versatility through the combination of its 0.3 litter boiler and articulating frothing wand. Overall, this machine is the blend of quality, durability, ease of use and a user-friendly design.


One of key ingredient for making great espressos is the quality of grounds. For that, it is of great importance that you grind the beans just before you feed it to your espresso maker. Pre ground beans simply won’t cut it. Some folks even try to find a specific store or brand just to fetch the fresh choices for their brew. Thus, having a good coffee grinder becomes of huge turning point for purchasing espresso machine. The key is the right blend of grinds where it can match the capacity of the machine. Remember that the quality of grinds will dictate the quality of your espresso. And often, even how good the design of the machine maybe, it cannot extract the same quality when the quality of the grounds is poor. And this HSD-SILVIA does not come with a built-in machine which is its greatest deficiency. One needs to buy a separate, good-quality grinder so this espresso machine will work its magic. And for that same fact, it also implies that you need additional space for it over your kitchen. But overall, this HSD Silvia is a worthy option.

Rancilio Silvia Review
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This espresso machine has ergonomic porta filter handle, the same piece which has proven design made by Rancilio. It has commercial grade group head for high-quality heat stability and extraction results. It comes with an articulating steam wand which offers a complete range of motion coupled with professional steaming knob for that precise control of the steaming pressure. It sports a classic linear design that will compliment most your kitchen decors.

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