KRUPS EA82 Espresseria Full Automatic Espresso Machine Review

If you are looking for the best espresso machine, here is the KRUPS EA82 Espresseria Full Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder, Black available in the market today. The product is customized containing an automatic system in providing users more convenience. It is highly engineered in giving the superior transferring of heat within a single thermostat. With innovation applied to this espresso machine it can be automatically operated from rinsing up to cleaning. It also has a drip tray where excess water will go automatically.

The display is in LCD form which contains buttons that allows the user to select from the different settings provided. With this users can have a precise preparation of the espresso by just touching the button present. The water tank has a capacity of 1.8 liters while the gram bean contains 275 as a maximum capacity. The drip tray also consists of an integrated floater and there is also a cake container which is removable. This machine is a great all in one kitchen appliance that is reliable and efficient in making the best coffee to suit the users taste.

Krups ea82 espresseria espresso machine review2

The KRUPS EA82 machine is available for everyone especially to people who loves to drink coffee. With this machine present in homes people can experience the advancement in preparing coffees in a simple and yet effective way. There are lots of option to choose from including to this is the coffee, espresso, cappuccino and many more. It can bring a new wave of a change in the preference of coffee that users wants to have. Having this in kitchens brings more convenience than going into coffee shops. Purchasing this product can provide users the same taste of coffee being bought in store or might be even more.

The KRUPS EA82 is a machine designed in giving perfection and precision to the coffee being made. With its automatic system that brings art in preparing coffee and espresso is really to look forward to. It’s simple and easy to use being an all in appliance in kitchens. Anything can be done with this machine including to this is cappuccino, coffee, espresso and even tea can be made here. Using this machine people can enjoy and experience different qualities of café exclusively made at home.

With the help of the thermo block system it allows the user to have the heating and brewing that the coffee needs. Combined with the bar pump and burr grinder that’s made from stainless steel users are guaranteed in having a superior result. Having this parts present every coffee being made can be perfect in suiting peoples taste.

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Added to the advancement of this machine is the LCD or liquid crystal display. With this available it allows the user to personalize the coffee being made. Included to this are the size, quantity and strength of the coffee or espresso. By just touching the button provided the settings can be accessed easily. There is also a steam nozzle present that allows the user in making froths of milk in giving a creamy effect. The conical burr grinder found in the machine also helps in preventing the machine to overheat and to preserve its aroma to make a superior coffee or espresso. Another part of the machine that helps in preserving the coffee is the water filtration. It removes the minerals found in the water in providing the perfect taste for coffees. Having all of these things available is a good advantage in purchasing this product.


  • The KRUPS EA82 contains a system that can be automatically operated.
  • The parts are durable and made from stainless steel to give a long lasting performance.
  • The machine is designed for coffee and espresso containing a black color that can perfectly match the kitchens interior.
  • An LCD display is present with settings included that allows the user to easily personalize the beverages.
  • There is a thermo block system available that enables heating and brewing instantly.
  • A steam nozzle is included that creates creamy and delicious effects on lattes, cappuccino and many more.
  • The machine has a filtration system which sterilizes and removes minerals from the water to make it taste even better.


KRUPS EA82 contains an all in one solution in making coffee. From storing up to brewing, the machine has it all. It has an automatic system that enables the user to clean and rinse automatically. It’s easy to use that comes with a compact size and a digital display. It’s an energy efficient machine that can be worth the investment to have it in your kitchen.

Krups ea82 espresseria espresso machine review

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The only disadvantage that some customers don’t like about this product is its too expensive. Another is the filters need to be replaced within two months which can be costly.

There are 79 customers who reviewed this product. There are 44 customers who gave it 5 stars. 17 customers gave it 4 stars. 5 customers gave it 3star. 3 customers gave it 2 stars. And lastly, there are 10 customers who gave it 1 star.

This is a great automatic espresso machine for its price even if most of disappointed people told about the price seems a bit expensive and the weakness on heavy-used situation. Click here to read more customer reviews

KRUPS EA82 Espresseria Full Automatic Espresso Machine Review
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The KRUPS EA82 is a great machine in making coffee and espresso. Using this simplifies things in a much easier and convenient way. Having this product can be a good choice in order to get superior tasting coffees.


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