Jura Impressa C65 Review

Jura has a very long line of automatic espresso machines. Often, this is one of the brands people run into when they are looking for reliable, automatic machines. One of such models from this brand is the Impressa c65. And here are some points that you should know about this model.

Simple operation

Most people don’t have time to learn things like operating a new espresso machine. Fortunately, the Jura Impressa C65 boasts about its very simple operation. How can this be possible? It all starts with one-switch operating concept of the smart Rotary Switch. It can do all the things that you wish to do with a simple turn of the button. And to further enhance its operation, this machine comes with 11 languages with plain text display to keep you informed. Also, this machine was designed to be easy to program and care for.

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The Aroma+ grinder

Some folks are quite picky over their grinders. The reason for this is the fact that grinders affect the flavor the coffee. It should be noted that grinding can actually burn the coffee beans therefore altering the flavor one is looking for. And this Jura has a quite impressive technology in dealing with this problem. The cutting angle inside the grinding cone of this espresso machine was designed to increase efficiency significantly while still preserving the right flavor and aroma. As a result, the perfect flavor and aroma is at reach with all its natural fullness while cutting in half the grinding time. And the same technology actually resulted to lesser overall noise during operation.

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Height-adjustable coffee spout and Fine foam frother

Modern espresso machines come with foam frother. This is an important part of a machine as consumers are fond of making cappuccino and lattes. The Jura C65 comes with revolutionary fine foam technology. Sounds very technical? In simpler terms it just delivers unique milk foam quality with a fine, feather-light consistency each time and it delivers. Milk has lots of foam. Also good to note is the height adjustable coffee spout. These days, we can’t really get enough coffee. Often, the bigger mugs are the “thing”. But it could be a problem for smaller espresso machine. The C65 however has height adjustable coffee spout which can easily fit between 65 mm and 111 mm height allowing, virtually, any size of cup to be use.

Jura c65 review

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Above all, an impressive espresso maker

Running a 15-bar pressure into the grounds, this machine is able to extract the right flavors. Also, the programmable options can adjust the amount of water, coffee strength in 4 levels, and even the brewing temperatures with 2 levels to boot. It comes with a 1.9 liters water tank which is good enough for dozens of shots. And with its programmable switch-off time, you can really save some precious power while enjoying your espresso.

Jura Impressa C65 Review
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The Jura Impressa c65 Espresso Machine is awesome. It performs great. Very simple to use, and VERY easy to maintain. That last part is definitely important when it comes to espresso machine.


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