Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review

If you think about espresso machine, one would be thinking about numerous brands. One of these prominent brands that offers classic design and high level of durability is Gaggia. With an Italian origin, this brand offers versatility and convenience along its range of machines. And among their offerings, the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine stands out. Here’s some reason for that.

Exterior Design

First thing that will attract buyers of any commodity or product is the exterior qualities. With its stainless-steel housing, you will likely appreciate the neat looking exterior that doesn’t just look elegant but classy as well. And what’s more with this design are its simple controls. Of course, there are options out there that have several settings for numerous things like temperature, coffee strength and even automatic milk frothing but those won’t be easy to deal with if you’re a beginner. With very minimal things to fiddle with, learning curve wouldn’t be much to deal with.
gaggia classic espresso machine review


Some machines have beauty that ends on the exterior. But this Gaggia classic espresso machine has in-depth understanding of what real beauty is, it should be supported by performance. And this machine will not disappoint. It starts with its 7-1/2-bar pump with high-voltage boiler. This combo is enough to extract the right flavor and aroma from the grounds. It also comes with a hot-water dispenser, although not very much needed all the time, it will come handy for your Americanos. Let’s not forget the frothing wan that simply makes your cappuccinos and latte making easier. This machine heats the water quickly and it does the extraction quite perfect actually.

gaggia 14101 classic espresso machine review


When you choose an espresso machine, you will likely to choose something that has complete set of amenities to cover all the bases. And this Gaggia espresso machine has been doing this for years. The package comes with single- and double-shot stainless-steel filter basket for added convenience.  It has a tamper, and measuring scoop as well making your experience a wonder every time. Also, this machine comes with portafilters and grouphead made of heavy-duty, marine-grade brass with chrome plating. Meaning, it can take a beating, this is well suited as water that can degrade steel in long term applications.

best espresso machine under 500 - Gaggia 14101

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Build quality

Most of this machine’s amenities are built around high grade materials. It starts with its stainless steel exterior. Water is among the worst thing that a material will be exposed to. As soon as water will be in contact with ordinary steel, chemical reaction starts. It will form rust after some time and will degrade the material into worthless scrap. Stainless steel goes around this as it negates the said chemical reaction. The same story can be found inside. With marine-grade brass, with chrome plating, portafilters and grouphead, daily exposure to water and other elements will have very miniscule effects over it.

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review
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Overall, with classic design matched by high quality materials, this machine should be good enough to serve you years of best espresso experience.

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