Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine Review

The name Gaggia is almost synonymous to espresso machines. Well, one reason for this is that Gaggia is among the first to patent designs for modern coffee makers and espresso machines. Thus, for years, consumers around the world have been admiring the masterpieces from this company. Among their products is the Gaggia Brera. This is a super-automatic machine but could it really stand on its own? Let’s find out.

Mavea Water Filter

If you’ve been sipping espresso for years then you’ll surely understand that impurities in the water can affect flavor and aroma. Well, impurities found in the water can make your water taste a little bit different, not to mention that these chemicals can as well alter the composition of your coffee beans. For this reason, the Brera has its own set of filter.  This is in the form of Mavea water filter. This set comes with four stages of filtration to remove impurities. Thus, it keeps the flavors at its best as possible. Also, as filtration is somewhat rigid, it reduces scale build up helping you save time.
gaggia brera review

Ceramic burr grinder

Grinding can affect coffee flavor in a big way. It happens when heat builds up during the grinding process. But it is often inevitable as the grinder is commonly built from metal. And metal is a good heat conductors thus it heats up pretty easily while grinding. This heat burns the grounds to some extent altering the flavor on the process. The Brera however comes with ceramic burr grinder. And ceramic is actually a poor conductor of both heat and electricity making it a perfect candidate for this purpose. With five grinding settings to choose from, Brera’s grinder actually delivers the right goods.

Rapid steam system

For people that wanted a fast solution, like when you need steam in a jiffy, this machine actually works very well. It can heat up some steam for around 9 seconds making it among the fastest in the market. This allows you to minimize your waiting time after brewing.

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Auto cleaning

This gaggia espresso machine has an automatic cleaning circuit that cleans the machine keeping it in tip-top condition. It doesn’t just clean but automatically descales as well. This as well prolongs the service of the machine.


It’s worth noting that this machine can do double or single shots of espresso, and it works fine in either instance. Drink volumes can programmed in this machine thus you can store your preference and it will give you the same results the next time. Also, this machine can be made ready to brew, from off, in less than a minute. Water tank is huge and can fit 44 oz. in it, enough for dozens of shots in a single refill. Also, this machine comes with pannarello steaming wand thus virtually anyone can make some nice, frothy milk without the need of any technique.

gaggia brera espresso machine review

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This machine also has pre-infusion feature that ensures maximum flavor and aroma extraction. All of these features might give you the idea that it requires a lot of energy. But fortunately, it has low energy consumption. Its standby mode activates after one hour of idle time and will only consume around 1 watt each hour in that state. Overall, this machine delivers what is promises.

Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine Review
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The most important part of this machine really is its ability to produce high quality espressos. With 15 bars worth of pressure you are assured of perfect extractions. Also, it comes with three dosing levels namely light, medium and strong. This makes it ideal to meet individual preferences of its users.

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