DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine Review

DeLonghi has been gathering good reputation from its consumers. With line the ranges from the simplest ones to super automatics, it surely has enough grounds covered. One of such products is EC702 which is a simple yet efficient machine to cover your needs. And if you’ve set your eyes over this machine, here’s some good reason that might win you over completely.

Materials quality

Stainless steel, it’s very pleasant and classy. The exterior of this espresso machine was made out of the combination of stainless and some plastic. Most of the body is made out of stainless steel. The plastic parts are found on the drip tray and its knob. Its pressurized portafilter is made from high quality, food grade aluminum steel and is thick enough to withstand your daily requirements. It should be noted that aluminum have raised some concerns over the recent years, it was viewed to raise some ailments, and food grade ones have been processed to lessen, to the point of eliminating totally, the said negative effects, thankfully.

DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine Review

Cup warmer and water tank

This machine has cup warmer. It should be enough to warm your cups even while you prepare your espresso. One important aspect of any espresso machine is its water tank. Many people throw rants about awkward placement of this very important piece in some espresso machines. For this machine though, the water tank is placed on the side. It works like a cabinet drawer, you need to pull it sideways which is kind of convenient and easy to do. Also, the tank is made with clear plastic thus you can actually see the water level in with one look. It comes with 1.3 liter capacity.

DeLonghi EC702


EC702 has a patented dual function filter holder. This makes the machine very efficient as it can make use of either ground coffee powder or coffee pods. It comes with a high-pressure, 15-bar pump for better extraction. It will also take lesser time to prepare as it can automatically prime itself, now that’s one lesser thing to worry about. It can create your favorite cappuccinos or lattes with its patented easy to use frothier. And heating time is also very commendable. This was made possible through its 1100 Watts input power. Also, it comes with a stainless steel boiler that helps hasten heat transfer. This as well adds to the overall durability. It has hot water function for you Americanos. This machine can do double or single shots.  It also has a built in tamper to close the deal.

DeLonghi EC702 review

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There are better machines than this DeLonghi espresso machine. But the truth be told, this machine has enough grounds covered. It may not be as convenient as fully automatic or be as sophisticated but it delivers.

DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Machine Review
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Some people may actually find the exterior very subtle making it less likable. But you have to see the performance and value. Within the same price range, there are not many choices that offer the same capacities really like the EC702 does


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