DeLonghi EC680 Espresso Machine Review

DeLonghi espresso machines have a reputation of creating great espressos with a very competitive pricing. And among the dozens of choices from this brand, the EC680 seem to stand on its own. What is it in this machine that should make it worthy of a choice? Let’s find out.

Small footprint

Some people are not happy when having a huge machine for their kitchen. One reason for this is the fact that some espresso machines have a huge built and heavy as well. Fortunately for DeLonghi EC680, the design was intended to require very minimal space. Dimensions are numbered at 13 x 5.9 x 13 inches. And this will surely make you wonder if this one can really perform. Also, it only weighs 9.3 pounds making it very easy to move around.
delonghi ec680 review

Build quality

Espresso machine are intended to be in contact with slightly corrosive elements. One of these elements is water. Water is a known universal solvent and water and steel does not mingle all too well. It is a known fact that water will result to rust when mixed with steel. And this does not look very interesting if you wanted a long term relationship with your espresso machine. The good news is, the EC680 comes in a stainless steel construction. The front and side panels are all made of stainless steel to maximize durability.

delonghi ec680 review1


This semi-automatic machine really has the “punch” even with its skinny dimensions. First, it comes with a 15-bar pressure pump that delivers enough pressure, together with its pre infusion feature, to extract all flavors and aroma from the grounds. And its Thermoblock heating system only requires a short 40 seconds to heat up thus helping you save time. This is especially useful in the morning when you seem to have a very short time, each day. It has an automatic stop flow function too. This one is quite useful to maintain a clean work station really. This feature works by “observing” how much steaming you actually did the last time and it will simply store the said duration so the next time, all you need is to push the button once.

delonghi ec680 espresso machine review

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Of course, there’s that cappuccino system allows you to create barista like foam for cappuccinos and lattes. The milk froth is very enticing and is good actually, no tricks necessary as this machine employs panarello steaming wand. It has control panel with 3 illuminated buttons making overall visibility better. One interesting thing from this machine is, even with the price point, DeLonghi still fitted it with its patented dual portafilter that will work with both ground coffee or commercially available pods. It also has that self-priming feature keeps the machine always ready to use. It comes with a hot water dispenser as well with 33 oz. water tank at the back.

DeLonghi EC680 Espresso Machine Review
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Now, there are things that you might want to know. As this machine is light and small, it moves quite freely over the counter top. If you accidentally pushed it, it might just fall. But other than that, there’s nothing much cons here. This machine is very capable. And with the price point, it’s a well-armed choice

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