Cuisinart EM-600 Buona Tazza Superautomatic Review

If you’ve been around espresso machines before, you can certainly understand how time consuming it is to refill water tanks. That’s the reason people really dig espresso machine with bigger reservoir. The cuisinart EM-600 has a removable 1-liter water tank which good for up to 20 short espresso shots. And it’s not just about espressos. With this machine, you can make some delightful lattes as well. It comes with a 22-ounce Milk Container which is more than enough for 6 cappuccinos, all in one go. But then it’s also important to have a good partner when making your froth. For that, this machine has a Frothing Wand that sports “Burst of Steam” which does not only bring out the best from your froth but will also clean the wand after each use. This is a capsule-based espresso maker and most people are concerned about the storage of used capsule. Well, this machine can store up to 10 capsules without you worrying about it.

cuisinart EM-600 Review

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Then there’s its cup tray. This feature flips down for demitasse cups or you can fold it up to accommodate bigger latte and cappuccino cups. Its removable drip tray lifts off so you can fit taller coffee and travel mugs plus it makes up for easy cleanup.  For those who are conscious about the right temperature, this machine has cup Warming Plate which heats your cup to right levels. This makes you enjoy your hot sip longer and better. To further satisfy your needs, it has steam control dial which enables you to adjust the ratio of air to milk to better suit your needs. Then there’s its power button which helps save energy through its auto shutoff modes.


First off, let take on its size. On the pictures, this machine looks awful and bulky. And with all the above-mentioned features, it would seem that it won’t fit in a mere 7.8 x 14 x 11.8 inches dimensions that only weighs around 14 pounds. This machine looks sleek and more expensive that it is. With its gleaming stainless steel body coupled by matte black plastics, it will not appear out of place over your counter. The buttons feels perfect with silver color that blends into this beauty. The operation itself is pretty much straight-forward, you can do your adjustments without a fuss. The milk container really worked like it should and will cater several servings before it runs out. And although the milk container is huge, the actual looks do not pose any threat the machines space saving dimensions. This machine is specifically designed to work alongside with illy pods. And the pods really worked wonders. It occupies less storage space and comes with great espressos every time

cuisinart em-600-review



Pricing can sometimes be a tricky business. Give a higher price and some folks will simply move on. Give a cheaper price for a decent device and people might feel skeptical about its performance. But truly, this machine is a good performer. Priced around 550, with the features that comes with it, this package is really a steal. The design is embracing elegance, modern styling and durability in one perfect sense.

Just like any products, this also espresso machine also come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are Cusinart EM-600’s pros and cons:


This machine offer great value for your purchase. It comes with a powerful boiler. It as well has its own huge milk container which can easily cater more people when you decided to invite everyone over for some afternoon sip. You can create a nice latte with it and it can serve up to 20 shots of espresso before you need to refill the water reservoir.  Then there’s the size. Some people are really not into automatic machines as it can take up some precious space over the kitchen. This machine, fortunately, will fit over your counter without you even noticing it. Then there’s the pod. As this machine was designed for Illy pods, it can operate with less mess and will need lesser cleaning regimen after you use it. And remember that this machine can manipulate your preferences like temperature and coffee strength. Another good thing about using pods is the fact that you can actually gain almost the same resulting taste every time, the variations, if there’s any, will be very, very minimal. That’s a great feature for those who love to fiddle with the smaller details.


There’s actually very few cons we found in this machine. First would be of its design that will not accept anything other than Illy pods. Some people wanted to experiment with different brands of coffee grounds, or even different brand of pods, and this machine will not suit their needs. Then there’s the price. Although this machine is more than capable of delivering nice espressos, some folks are not ready to shell out huge amount for their machine. But then this machine will be more than fitting for people that wanted consistent performance and reliability. Other than that, it can also be a worthy upgrade for your old espresso machine.

Cuisinart EM-600 Review
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This is a machine coffee enthusiasts can really enjoy while relaxing. It can brew perfect espresso and even traditional coffee beverages with one touch without moving the cup. It comes with a removable milk tank for your favorite frothed milk perfect for cappuccino and lattes. Designed for use with illy Espresso capsule system, you can adjust the temperature, flavor strength, and froth specific to your taste.

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